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Incorporated as a private company in 2007, S.H.I.R Shlomo Real Estate consolidates real estate activities within the Shlomo Group. S.H.I.R Shlomo Real Estate is active in identifying real estate investment opportunities in Israel and in Europe, mainly in properties leased for commercial, industrial and related uses (services, logistics, operations, etc.) through the acquisition of assets, including land or buildings. As at June 30, 2017, the Company has assets of  1.4 billion NIS and its shareholders' equity amounts to NIS 638 million.  The Company's debentures are rated A3 stable by Midroog.

Shlomo Real Estate’s European Division was established in 2011, with the aim of expanding the Shlomo Group’s real estate activities. The division now holds a solid property portfolio in Western Europe (mainly in Germany), with a high yield cash flow. The company’s real estate strategy focuses on high-demand prime locations in major cities and central business districts in Western Europe. It targets properties with financially-strong tenants, assets with a high potential for additional upside (conducting renovations, increasing building rights and rate of occupancy, locating suitable tenants, etc.), investments made together with strategic partners, short time to value projects, and buildings that are Modular/ Flexible to Lease. Properties include hotels, offices and commercial buildings, with a total value of approximately 1.1 billion NIS. S.H.I.R Shlomo Real Estate is located in Frankfurt, Germany, Madrid Spain and in Zrifin, Israel.

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