Israel Shipyards (ISL)
Israel Shipyards (ISL)}

Israel Shipyards (ISL)

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Established in 1959, Israel Shipyards Ltd (ISL) is today one of the largest privately owned ship building and repair facilities in the East Mediterranean.  Israel Shipyards Ltd (ISL) specializes in a wide range of naval and merchant ship design and construction. Naval vessel production includes state-of-the-art missile boats for Israel’s Ministry of Defense and foreign countries, Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) and Fast Patrol Crafts. Merchant and commercial vessel design and production include merchant ships, tug boats, multi-purpose boats and floating docks. Israel Shipyards also handles ship repairs, maintenance and retrofitting of merchant & naval vessels.  

In addition to ship-building, Israel Shipyards manages heavy industrial works including the manufacturing of large steel constructions for power stations, desalination facilities and infrastructures, sea port cranes, pressure vessels and gas pipe line systems. Since 2009 Israel Shipyards' shore-based facility together with its private port has been providing logistic support, manufacture and repair services for the region's offshore drilling industries – operators and oilfield services companies.

Israel Shipyards facility covers 330,000sqm and employs about 500 persons and 35 engineers.

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