About Us


The Shlomo Group is a leading Israeli holding group ranked as one of the top 10 service companies in Israel excelling in all its key areas of activity. 

The Shlomo Group is one the leading Israeli holding groups. The Group holdings are diverse spanning developing industrial and service industries: Automotive; Energy; Telecom; Ports & Maritime; Logistics; Insurance; and Real Estate. Across all its key industries the Shlomo Group is a reputable leader, benefiting from customers and market esteem. The Shlomo Group was set up in 1974 by Shlomo Shmeltzer, the Group owner and Chairperson, as a car rental company. Over the years the Group holdings have diversified to the various fields in which it is active and a market leader nowadays. 


The Shlomo Group, and its holdings in particular, was recently ranked first by leading ranking institutions in the Automotive, Electro Mechanic and Port & Shipyard fields, ie. in three of its seven industries of activity.The Shlomo Group is a financially robust and conservative group. It had grown organically benefiting from its unique and highly professional management team as well as through carefully analyzed acquisitions. 

The Shlomo Group is active in Israel, Romania, the Czech Republic and Russia. It employs over 3,000 employees. The accumulative group turnover in 2010 was over 1 Billion Euro.


 Shlomo Group presentation